Medical Oxygen Tanks for South America

While the world has tended to focus on the covid crisis in India, South America has been similarly hard hit with the resulting shortage of cryogenic tanks to transport (refrigerated) liquid oxygen for the hospitals and other care facilities.

Matters have been exacerbated by the shortage of vessel space and rocketing freight rates adding to the misery. Indeed, the shipping problems have not only been outbound from Houston, but have been just as bad when clients need to return tanks to USA either for refilling or for off-hire or even just statutory testing.

Huge thanks are therefore owed to the depots and shipping agents with whom GML work for the rapid turnaround of suitable tanks as they come into depot and subsequently expediting the transport to our South American friends.

GML continues to do its part to alleviate matters by giving as much support as it can in supplying as many Medical LOX tanks as possible.


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