Life in Strange And Unsettling Times Part 1

Life In Strange And Unsettling Times Part 1

The last several months have been peculiar in many ways for all of us and most of it not very pleasant.

The reality of dramatic climate change has been brought home to everyone around the world by pictures of the rapidly retreating Antarctic ice sheet which is a constant and sombre reminder of the results of global warming. Then, even if we as individuals have been fortunate enough to avoid directly the various consequential unseasonal  floods, droughts, storms and raging fires, one would have had to be living in a deep cave not to have seen these catastrophic events unfolding on the news.

In theory, we humans can play our part in slowing down what looks to be an inevitable and accelerating process but in practice and as always there is an almost total lack of political will to actually do something meaningful. For sure we see any number of flashy and exorbitant high level governmental conferences with a torrent of fine words  gushing out at the conclusion. But then, as the months pass, these resolutions are either watered down or shelved or even just conveniently forgotten.

Some things never change!

Meanwhile, most of us lesser mortals of all political persuasions will no doubt have changed some of our habits for the better, whether it is eating more healthily, taking a bit more exercise, recycling or using far fewer plastic bags – just why in UK are supermarket cucumbers still plastic-wrapped?

For all that, the wheels of industry have to keep turning, sometimes more smoothly than at others, to enable the whole world and not just the wealthier nations to create and produce and grow to allow mankind to survive for many more eras to come.

For all that, the human race will forget at its peril that we are all interdependent on the oceans and their life as well as the animal kingdom and its necessary habitat.

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