GML Dewar

More 400 Litre Helium Dewars

Until now, companies and facilities that needed helium dewars were obliged to buy them outright.

In August 2020, GML became the first tank lessor to offer these smaller capacity cryogenic vessels on operational lease terms.

Such was their success that a 2nd order for 400 litre dewars was placed and has now been delivered to a very happy client.

Not for the first time, GML has opened up a new niche for cryo leasing and has proved the value and demand for leasing helium dewars (also available as 250 litre) for smaller users in such diverse sectors as medical care, welding, leak detection, electronics and leisure.

That the dewars are also suitable for airfreighting is invaluable when remote regions need to be serviced, especially in the medical sector.




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