Life In Strange And Unsettling Times Part 2

Life In Strange And Unsettling Times Part 2

It is now more than 18 months since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine and both sadly and tragically there is no end in sight.

This is not the platform to launch into a tirade regarding the underlying rights and wrongs nor the atrocities no doubt perpetuated by both sides, so let us confine ourselves to the worldwide economic fallout that has been accentuated by the covid pandemic and its aftermath.

There is no need for pretences at being an economist let alone a would-be soothsayer for it is abundantly clear that there is not a single economy that is currently flourishing. Some are struggling more than others and that assuredly includes Russia where hard sanctions have had a severe effect and also China where the key housing market is in dire straits. Germany is on the brink of recession and it is not apparent that any Eurozone economy is bucking the trend. USA never ceases to amaze with its apparent resilience, but looming Presidential elections in just over 12 months time do not inspire confidence.

For all that, there are always niches in all industries and walks of life where “challenges create opportunities” for the nimble and imaginative and that is most certainly true in the cryogenic market and that of course is an area in which Socomat/GML excel.

Over the last several months we would be deluding ourselves if we believed that cryogenic traffic has not weakened and, though not an arena in which Socomat/GML concentrate, general chemical traffic has also diminished significantly. A trip around the storage yards provides ample evidence.

However, by making the most of its short lines of communication, innovative thinking, listening to what the client is trying to achieve and then collaborating closely, Socomat/GML has secured significant new cryogenic business for its Multigas (22,000 litres 22.0 bar) fleet.

The one significant bright light in this generally dull market has been the continued high demand for 40’ Helium tanks both new and older refurbished ones.

The latter are very rare indeed, so when Socomat/GML acquired some, they were snapped up within a few days.

Socomat/GML is also very pleased to announce that it has also recently placed further orders for more newbuild 40’ Helium tanks for which new long term contracts have already been secured.

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