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GML Step Up To Help The Covid Crisis In India

There is and will continue to be much speculation from exactly where the covid virus emanated and how it managed to rampage across the whole world with such terrifying pace, leaving governments everywhere severely caught out on how best to deal with the pandemic.

What is undeniable is that many Asian countries and especially India found itself scouring the world for cryogenic equipment in which to transport and distribute desperately needed oxygen (LOX) to the hospitals for all the patients under intensive care thanks to this new plague.

GML were fortunate to have cryo tanks coming off line in Thailand and also managed to secure others from friends and contacts within the industry, and were able to mobilise everything very quickly.

Thus, in collaboration with Reliance Industries, Air Products and Airlife along with the massive support of the Indian Airforce, GML were able to supply a good number of brand new and other suitable cryogenic Medical LOX tanks to airfreight from Thailand.

For video of these operations, follow this link.

Click on these 2 video links; Multigas Video 1Multigas Video 2 , of these multigas tanks may be seen being loaded for airfreighting from Thailand.

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