Gasworld Asia-Pacific Industrial Gases Conference 2023

Gasworld Asia-Pacific Industrial Gases Conference 2023

GML, founded in 1989, is the leading independent and international Cryogenic Tank Lessor.

Visit GML Stand 36 to meet with Jehan de Lastic (Group CEO) and Marc van der Kaden (Technical Director) to discuss all matters related to cryogenic tank leasing.

GML leases cryogenic tanks across a broad spectrum that includes

20’ Multigas  – For all airgases as well as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and flammables such as ethylene and ethane.

10’ DNV-certified offshore tanks  -For LIN.

Helium Dewars – Typically 250 and 400 litre capacity.

40’ Helium.

2024 building programme

GML have an almost continuous building programme with top quality and proven manufacturers based in Europe, South Africa and Far East

2024 will see more

40’ Helium tanks  – GML is said to be the only international and independent leasing company to offer these tanks.

10’ Off-shore tanks  – Persistent demand shows the GML fleet needs to be increased further.

20’ Multigas   – These 22,000 litre 22.0 bar tanks have proved a great success since GML first introduced them 2/3 years ago.

Come to Stand 36 to talk with Jehan and Marc about all the above and more

Meanwhile, to discover more about GML and the tanks it offers, visit

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