Off-Shore 10’ Dnv Tanks For Lin In Strong Demand Once Again

Off-Shore 10’ DNV Tanks For LIN In Strong Demand Once Again

None too soon COP28 is properly focusing on the reduction of the world’s dependence on fossil fuels with its unquestionably deleterious effect on climate change.

However, even if there was immediate strong action to support the imminent tsunami of fine words – past experience sadly shows this is less than unlikely – it will still take several decades for there to be noticeable effect, not least because plastic in its various forms makes up a huge slice of everyone’s everyday life, and plastic of course derives from petrochems.

Perhaps it is indeed a jolt from COP28 that has kick-started the off-shore industry after several years drifting in the doldrums. Whatever the cause, there is no doubt that demand from the exploration companies for 10’ DNV tanks for LIN has come to the fore at a gallop.

GML/Socomat with its ear close to the ground quickly picked up on the groundswell and brought Sebastien Vallet (email – into the team to strengthen its hand in this revival. Sebastien has 15+ years in the oil and gas industry with much of it focused on the off-shore market.

Sebastien brings with him his own particular knowledge and Socomat in turn has shown its confidence and placed a sizeable order for 10’ DNV tanks with Wessington (UK) whose quality product is already well-known in the industry.

Of course GML/Socomat is no stranger to the off-shore market. Marc van der Kaden (Technical Director) has been working with 10’ DNV LIN tanks for the last 20 years so is fully acquainted with the idiosyncrasies and the detailed record keeping and re-certification procedures that are required by the regulations and the end-users.

GML/Socomat’s new 10’ DNV tanks will be coming out of production in a steady stream between now and May/June 2024. All will be built with 6.0 working pressure and have US DOT. This certification is often demanded by the multinational companies even when the tanks are to be used elsewhere in the world.

Please contact the GML/Socomat Leasing Team with your enquiries.

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