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We lead the way across the world for leasing iso-tanks for cryogenic gases.

GML/Socomat offers for lease a comprehensive range of cryogenic tank containers from 10’ offshore cryos for nitrogen, through 20’ tanks for all other air gases like oxygen, argon, nitrogen and liquid CO2 and nitrous oxide (N2O) as well as for ethylene, LNG and ethane.

For liquid helium, GML/Socomat offers 40’ iso-tanks as well as 250 litre and 400 litre dewars for locations where the off-take is small – for example in hospitals for chilling MRI scanners. GML/Socomat are now working on a major project for hydrogen which will require a skid-frame loaded with 350 litre composite cylinders linked with a manifold.

Group CEO

Group CEO

Jehan de Lastic is the 3rd generation of his family to head up Socomat and the company proudly remains fully independent and 100% family-owned.

Socomat has a long history of leasing rail-wagons and chemical tank containers and is also one of the leading companies in leasing SBC’s – specialised small capacity stainless steel tanks to carry esoteric and difficult chemicals and gases.

GML joined the stable in early 2020 as Socomat’s cryogenic tank leasing arm, with Richard Goldstein (sales) and Marc van der Kaden (technical) each bringing more than 25 years experience in the cryogenic gas industry.

Customer Liaison and Sales

Customer Liaison and Sales

Richard Goldstein instigated the concept of worldwide cryogenic tank leasing in 1995 and has maintained his enthusiasm for working out complex deals for clients ever since.

Tom Harding joined the team in early 2021 and brings extensive experience following a long career in the manufacture of cryogenic, chemical and speciality tank containers with a major UK producer.

Professional in-House Tech Support and Advice

Professional in-House Technical Support and Advice

Headed by Marc van der Kaden (based in Rotterdam) who has more than 25 years in the cryogenic tank field.

GML/Socomat prides itself on its speed of reaction to clients’ questions and problems.


GML/Socomat cryogenic tanks range from liquid helium dewars of 250 and 400 litres, through 8,000 litres for 10’ offshore tanks to 20’ isotanks with capacities from 20,000 and 22,000 litres to 40’ tanks for liquid helium with a capacity of 41,000 litres.

Quality Design and Build

GML/Socomat work only with proven designs and use stainless steel for both the inner and outer shell for longevity and lower maintenance.

Worldwide Distribution

GML/Socomat holds tanks in the world’s major hubs of Houston, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Malaysia, Thailand and UAE.

Customer care is one of the key elements in GML’s business philosophy.

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