Helium 40’ Tank Rental – GML/Socomat Lead The Way

After waiting patiently to break into the exclusive helium tank leasing market, GML/Socomat concluded a long-term lease in mid 2020 for Dewars to be used in supplying helium to the medical profession, primarily for cooling the magnetic coils in MRI scanners.

Towards the end of that year (2020) GML/Socomat then secured a contract for 40’ helium tanks.

Since that time, GML/Socomat has steadily grown its presence and is delighted to have placed yet another order for delivery from later this year through 2024, for such is the lead time to build these complex pieces of equipment. Until a few years ago, Gardner had the monopoly in building reliable helium tanks. However, Linde now offers serious competition and there is no doubt that their tanks have also thoroughly proved their reliability.

One or two other players are now trying to join in, but in my opinion, that would be very much a case of caveat emptor.

There are very heavy basic costs as outlined below:

It follows that all parties need to be certain that the equipment they buy has a proven track record of reliability – computer testing and suchlike bear little resemblance to the tough conditions of the real world. The buyer also needs to have assured himself that the tank itself will last and work efficiently for a great many years albeit that there is likely to be expensive maintenance along the way.

So then ……

The cost price of a Helium 40’ tank currently stands at $1m and more depending on the spec demanded and the lead time may be anything from 12 to 24 months. Then there is the cost of the liquid helium itself. Currently, a typical 41,000 litre 40’ Helium tank will require a further $1m to fill. Loss of cargo therefore imposes an exceedingly expensive hit!

It follows that one way or another, investing in this exotic field requires much thought and planning both by the lessor (in the case of GML/Socomat) and the end-user or operator of the equipment.

With the availability of helium supplies now expanding well beyond the shores of USA, there are ever more reasons why many companies prefer to maintain full independence and ability to buy their helium requirements in the open market.

Leasing helium tanks from GML/Socomat, a financially sound, family-owned, trustworthy and long-established lessor with its own in-house technically expertise offers a very real option.

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