Hydrogen – Tomorrow’s Clean Fuel

The belated political realisation and acceptance that climate change through global warming is now at a critical level has finally registered in most of the major countries of the world – sadly, there are one or two serious exceptions who only pay lip service.

The result has been a rapid acceleration in R&D and even application of hydrogen (H2) as a clean fuel for transport as a serious rival to electric power through mineral-greedy batteries.

There are various ways of moving hydrogen, either compressed (in MEGC’s or cylinders) or refrigerated (in cryogenic isotanks), all of which have their place depending on local conditions and requirements.

GML is already in detailed discussion to supply hydrogen equipment for a major European project.

As with all such undertakings, many details have to be studied and questions answered before matters can be finally signed off.

Fortunately, all parties are well aware of the lead times involved and are prudently keeping their eye on the clock to avoid building undue pressure.


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