20’ Multigas Tank Container – Another Happy And Satisfied Client


GML’s new generation Multigas tank has proved a roaring success with clients across the world.

With its 22,000 litre capacity and 22.0 bar working pressure, the design is not only suitable for all the usual refrigerated airgases  and flammables – oxygen (LOX), argon (LAR), nitrogen (LIN), ethylene and methane – but also for the transport of refrigerated carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O).


A year and more ago, it became obvious that there was going to be a shortage of vessel space with consequent astromic shipping rates.

GML/Socomat therefore took the prudent decision to spread its building programme of these highly specialised iso-tank across three continents and three top-class and proven manufacturers in The Netherlands, South Africa and Thailand.




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