Helium Dewars

250 + 400 Litres


Design TypeDewar Circular

Dimensions1577mm (High) x 1069mm (Diameter)

Capacity440 Litres Gross, 400 Litres Net

Material304 Stainless Steel for both Inner and Outer


Operating10 psi

WeightsTare - 230kg

EfficiencyLoses Approx. 4 Litres per day

ShieldingNot Required

ForkliftYes - Provision included

CastorsYes - Swivel and Locking

Air transportYes


GML as the specialist worldwide cryogenic tank leasing company, not only offers 40’ helium tank leasing but also helium dewars for applications and locations where the offtake is comparatively low or available space limited.

In addition to helium, dewars can be built to carry cryogenic liquid oxygen (LOX) or cryogenic liquid nitrogen (LIN). All three of these cryogenic gases are commonly used by hospitals and medical facilities.

Whereas cryogenic liquid nitrogen (LIN) has particular surgical applications, for instance to safely and speedily burn off abnormal tissues either for cosmetic purposes or where they may become cancerous, liquid helium is primarily used in NMR and MRI scanners to ensure that their “super magnets” are kept sufficiently cold to work properly.

A dewar is easily manoeuvrable when mounted on its self-contained platform fitted with readily-locked castors. This is a clear necessity when the dewars have to be airfreighted to give regular and speedy supply to some of the more remote locations around the world.

GML’s professional technical support team guide their clients to ensure that the tanks they lease meet the statutory requirements of the region in which they will be operating.

Marc van der Kaden (+31 6 203 00822) who heads GML’s highly qualified and professional technical team is here to help you choose the best equipment to meet your needs.
GML only works with companies that have a proven track record in making these complex tank-containers to the highest standards.
As so often, cheapest is frequently the wrong choice.

Depending on how the client’s operations are arranged, it may be that he will wish to lease GML’s 40’ helium tanks in addition to 250 or 400 litre dewars.


Customer care is one of the key elements in GML’s business philosophy.

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