40’ T75 for Carriage of Liquid Helium

41,000 Litre Capacity

Low maintenance, high payload, easy to handle and operate. Certified worldwide including USA.


Design TypeHE 4116-30-06-N T75

Dimensions40’ x 8’ x 8’6"

Capacity41,000 Litres

MaterialStainless Steel including the Frame

MAWP6.0 bar - 87 psi

PayloadHelium - 4,610kg at 90% fill
Nitrogen Shield - 1,310kg at 98% fill

Holding TimeHelium - approx 45 days at 90% fill
Nitrogen Shield - >35 days

WeightsTare - 15,800kg / MGW - 23,000kg


GML as the specialist worldwide cryogenic tank leasing company, also offers helium tank leasing.

Apart from balloons for the hospitality and aviation sectors, helium is used in the engineering and oilfield industries for leak detection and by hospitals and medical facilities in NMR and MRI scanners to ensure that the “super magnets” are kept sufficiently cold to work properly.

Helium as the 2nd lightest gas after hydrogen, is non-flammable and possesses unexpected properties when chilled to a liquid at -268.9 degC. It is then most efficient to transport it in a cryogenic tank-container. However, this cryogenic liquid will gain heat quickly when compared to say cryogenic liquid oxygen (LOX) or cryogenic liquid argon (LAR).

If the helium is allowed to become gaseous once more, the pressure inside the tank will increase, such that it will vent into the atmosphere and your very valuable cargo will have been lost.

GML as the specialist worldwide cryogenic tank leasing company, including the helium tank leasing, offers first class, professional technical support and back-up as well as helping you, the client, through all the initial technical aspects and will work with you to create lease terms to satisfy all.

Marc van der Kaden (+31 6 203 00822) who heads GML’s highly qualified and professional technical team is here to help you choose the best equipment to meet your requirements.
GML only works with companies that have a proven track record in making these complex tank-containers to the highest standards.
As so often, cheapest is unlikely to be the best option.

Marc and his GML colleagues will also give guidance as to where worldwide these specialised tanks can be maintained and have their statutory retests carried out.

If your offtake requirement does not warrant a full 40’ tank-load, then GML’s 250 or 400 litre dewars may be just what you need.


Customer care is one of the key elements in GML’s business philosophy.

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