20’ LIN Tank

19,500 Litre Capacity


Design TypeBeam

Dimensions20’ x 8’ x 8’6”

Capacity19,500 Litres

MaterialStainless Steel for both Inner and Outer

InsulationVacuum + multi-layer

MAWP10.3 bar USA (ASME) and 17.0 bar elsewhere (EN 13530)

Max. PayloadLIN: 15,500kg
Ethylene: 10,900kg

Holding TimesLIN: 10.3 bar: 59 days at 80% fill (12,700kg) / 17.0 bar: 85 days at 73% fill (11,550kg)
LAR: 10.3 bar: 70 days at 84% fill (23,050kg) / 17.0 bar: 97 days at 77% fill (21,025kg)
Ethylene: 10.3 bar: 180 days at 84% fill (9,400kg) / 17.0 bar:241 days at 78% fill (8,675kg)

WeightsTare - 8,300kg / MGW - 36,000kg



These 10.3 bar working pressure tanks, as offered by GML, the specialist worldwide cryogenic tank leasing company, remain invaluable for the carriage of all the commonly carried cryogenic (refrigerated and liquefied) airgases such as nitrogen (LIN), oxygen (LOX), argon (LAR), ethylene (C2H4) and other flammable hydrocarbons in the same family.

These tanks are a little better protected from impact damage than GML’s new generation 22,000 litre 22.0 bar tanks, and are thus particularly well suited for traffic into some of the less sophisticated regions of the world. South America and West African countries are typical examples.

The holding times of these 10.3 bar tanks are more than adequate across the full range of LIN, LOX and LAR and in particular for ethylene (C2H4) and liquid natural gas (LNG).

Indeed, demand for this cryogenic gas (ethylene) is in consistently high demand whether in the food and agriculture industries for ripening fruit or at LNG (liquid natural gas) liquefaction plants where ethylene is used as a refrigerant and indeed in the production of many plastics, insulation foam and synthetic rubber for tyres.

Nor should LNG be forgotten, not only for its obvious uses in heating but also in air conditioning, desalination and as a clean-burning fuel for ships and heavy duty transport vehicles.

As always, GML’s professional sales (Richard Goldstein – r.goldstein@goldfleet.net) and technical support teams (Marc van der Kaden – marc@socomat.fr) will ensure that their clients are supplied with tanks that fully meet their specific needs and in particular will ensure that the cryogenic gas to be carried is compatible with previous cargos.


Customer care is one of the key elements in GML’s business philosophy.

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