20’ Multigas Tank New Generation

22,000 Litre Capacity


Design TypeBeam

Dimensions20' x 8' x 8'6"

Capacity22,000 Litres

MaterialStainless Steel for both Inner and Outer

InsulationVacuum + Multi-Layer

MAWP22.0 bar including for USA

Max. PayloadCO2: 21,645kg
N2O: 21,068kg
LIN: 11,712kg
LAR: 22,116kg
Ethylene: 8,877kg

Holding TimesCO2: 190 days at 89% fill
N2O: 241 days at 75% fill
LIN: 91 days at 66% fill
LAR: 105 days at 72% fill
Ethylene: 149 days at 71% fill

WeightsTare - 8,300kg / MGW - 36,000kg



GML as the specialist worldwide cryogenic tank leasing company offers a wide spectrum of cryogenic tank-containers to lease, ranging from 250 litre dewars through 10’ DNV-certified tanks for the oil rigs to 20’ equipment for all the usual airgases and others as well as highly specialised 40’ tanks for helium.

The 20’ multigas cryogenic tank-container has been built with a 22,000 litre a capacity and 22.0 bar working pressure.
Thus, the tank is able to transport all the most commonly carried cryogenic (refrigerated and liquefied) gases, such as nitrogen (LIN), oxygen (LOX), argon (LAR), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), ethylene (C2H4) and other flammable hydrocarbons in the same family.

GML is very proud to have been able to supply a good number of these 20’ multigas tanks to support the supply of liquid oxygen (LOX) to India during the recent but ongoing covid crisis.
Click on these 2 video links; Multigas Video 1Multigas Video 2 , of these multigas tanks may be seen being loaded for airfreighting from Thailand.

GML’s professional sales (Richard Goldstein – r.goldstein@goldfleet.net) and technical support teams (Marc van der Kaden – marc@socomat.fr) guide their clients to ensure that the tanks they lease fully meet their needs.

GML only works with companies that have a proven track record in making these sophisticated tank-containers to the highest standards.
Thus, to ensure the easiest distribution to its worldwide clients, GML has carefully selected production facilities in Europe, Thailand and South Africa.
These may not be the cheapest, but they all have proven track records for top quality equipment.

This multigas tank can also be fitted with a special on-board pump for discharging CO2, though other foodgrade compatible airgases like oxygen (LOX), nitrous oxide (N20), argon (LAR) and nitrogen (LIN) could still be carried.


Customer care is one of the key elements in GML’s business philosophy.

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