20’ CO2 Tank with Pump

19,500 Litres Capacity


Design TypeFrame

Dimensions20’ x 8’ x 8’6”

Capacity19,500 Litres

MaterialStainless Steel for both Inner and Outer

InsulationVacuum + Multi-Layer

MAWP22.0 bar USA (ASME)

Max. PayloadCO2: 21,899kg
N2O: 23,100kg

Holding TimesCO2: 187 days at 89% fill
N2O: 257 days at 74% fill

WeightsTare - 10,500kg / MGW - 36,000kg

PumpYes - Use forbidden if carrying Nitrous Oxide (N2O)



GML, the specialist worldwide cryogenic tank leasing company, has always offered these particularly specialised 20’ x 19,500 litre cryogenic tank-containers fitted with an on-board pump for the discharge of CO2.

This particular type of tank targets the food and beverage industry that requires CO2 (cryogenic liquid carbon dioxide) for its brewing and soft drink production but lacks on-site pumps for its discharge.

The tank is also perfectly suited for nitrous oxide (N2O), a cryogenic gas that is popularly known as laughing gas. It is widely used in hospitals, dentistry and other medical professions as an anaesthetic and sedative and in the catering and hospitality industries where it is used to pressurise whipped cream chargers.

For nitrous oxide (N2O) the pump needs to be disabled.

GML’s professional sales (Richard Goldstein – r.goldstein@goldfleet.net) and technical support teams (Marc van der Kaden – marc@socomat.fr) will ensure that their clients are supplied with tanks that fully meet all foodgrade and medical requirements, particularly with regard to the compatibility of previous cargos.


Customer care is one of the key elements in GML’s business philosophy.

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