20’ T50 for Liquefied Gases

24,500 Litre Capacity


Design TypeBeam - T50

Dimensions20’ x 8’ x 8’6”

Capacity24,500 Litres

MaterialCarbon Steel

InsulationMarine Grade 2mm Aluminium

MAWP22.0 bar

Level GaugeProvision only in Rear Dished End

Zinc LiningNone

WeightsTare - 7,230kg / MGW - 36,000 kg

BafflesProvision only


A T50 isotank is certified to carry gases that have been liquefied through pressure rather than by chilling to ultra-low temperatures as for a T75.

Subject to individual pressure and other regulations, T50’s can carry a wide range of gases such as ammonia, propane, butane, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), butadiene, propylene and a great many others.

GML, the specialist worldwide cryogenic tank leasing company, works in close conjunction with its sister and parent company Socomat in the leasing of these T50 tanks, of which a substantial fleet is available for lease.

The T50 (liquefied gas tank) in the example photograph is certified to carry the range of gases indicated above and many more, though for ammonia (NH3) bursting discs will need to be fitted.

As always, GML’s professional sales (Richard Goldstein – r.goldstein@goldfleet.net) and technical support teams (Marc van der Kaden – marc@socomat.fr) will ensure that the client is supplied with a tank that is correct for his needs and is certified for the gas intended to be carried.


Customer care is one of the key elements in GML’s business philosophy.

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